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  • ​We're expert certified personal trainers in New York City​
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e are expert certified personal trainers in New York City. We help people maximize their body’s potential-- so they can get strong and powerful from the inside out.

We do our work with utmost integrity: New York’s top doctors and physical therapists routinely refer their patients to us, since we possess expertise across a wide range of health concerns and needs.

We'll guide you to your brand-new body with a laser-focus:

  • We assess where you are now;
  • Give you a concrete Action Plan;
  • Help you be accountable to yourself;
  • Remove the obstacles in your way.

You’ll live your life fully, with all the vigor, strength and ease that you so deeply deserve.

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About our Founder


Eileen Loeb is a fitness expert and recognized leader with over 20+ years’ experience in the science and art of exercise.

She started BodySmart Personal Training to help people build a successful, rewarding relationship with exercise-- no matter what health challenges or limitations they may face.

After getting an Ivy-League education from Columbia University, and studying on full scholarship at Alvin Ailey, she became a professional dancer, touring nationally and internationally. She went back to school for her Masters degree in Clinical Social Work from NYU, where she studied the mind-body connection and the science of behavior change.

For years, she worked with renowned coaches, anatomists, and master instructors, learning how exercise heals the body and how to correct poor movement habits. She learned how to make healthy habits (like exercise!) stick.

The result of her efforts is the BodySmart Approach. We use the power of exercise and proper movement mechanics to heal from the inside out. We relish in safely guiding clients to health and strength so they can realize their full potential—today and for a lifetime to come.

What Clients Say



Baby Boomer

“As a baby boomer who has exercised for over 30 years, I thought I knew everything about fitness.

I learned more in a few sessions with BodySmart than I did in over 30 years of group exercise classes.

I'm sorry I waited so long to get this kind of help—I just didn’t understand how much I could benefit from individual instruction. But I’m glad I finally found trainers who really know how to give me a better body.”

Sue L , Mom, Volunteer, Philathropist

My exercise program is 100% customized.

What’s amazing about BodySmart is that my exercise program is 100% customized. It is the opposite from cookie-cutter.

I always feel SO much better after my workout, with less pain. My instructor has gotten me through a bad back, a broken pelvis, and cancer treatment.

Don't look any further, these are the trainers you want.

Rose L , Retired Executive

My Neurologist Recommended BodySmart

I have Parkinsons Disease. So I need a specialized exercise program . My doctor referred me to BodySmart. BodySmart surpasses anything else I’ve tried. They changed my program as I’ve needed, in a way that others couldn’t. My walking, balance, and stiffness improved thanks to BodySmart.”

Paul S , Investor

Pre and Post-Natal Mom

"During my second pregnancy, I was completely impressed with BodySmart's specialized expertise. My second pregnancy (and delivery) was easier than my first, because of BodySmart . Even my OB-GYN was impressed.

And with post-natal personal training, I got back into my pre-pregnancy jeans in record time.

Becky K , Working Mom

Copy of BodySmart has the best personal trainers in NYC

As a Physical Therapist, I can say that BodySmart has the best personal trainers in NYC, bar none.

I refer to these talented trainers all the time.

Ben F , Licensed Physical Therapist